Clone Delphi Wizard X

Clone Delphi Wizard is the faster and easier way to save your Delphi installation and move it into a new computer. You'll save a lot of time: Clone Delphi Wizard will help you to reinstall all your components with a few clicks of mouse.

Free Delphi programs

Here you find some free programs written in Delphi. They are all small and simple utilities I deployed to do some specific task during my work (programmer work, of course). Maybe someone among you can find them useful as I do, anyway, you can get all of them for free.

Free Delphi components

Almost all these components have a role in the Clone Delphi Wizard project, but I think they can be useful for other developers too as they are for me, so I decided to make them available for free. Hope you enjoy them!

Contact me

Need support? Have a doubt? Are you curious? Use this page to contact me and ask a question.

Hi all!

I love programming.
I started to program in the 1994 and from that moment, I spent all my time and energy trying to improve my skills.
My favorites languages are Delphi, Php, Javascript.
Since 2010 I'm a member of Experts-Exchange

On focus

The latest news

WhatTimeIsIt bug fixed

A bug in the calculation of the right local time has been fixed just now.
Go to the program page!

Modal dialogs

Two little but useful components to display a modal dialog without stopping the main process.

Learn more here!

Learn more here!

ProjectSaver 1.1 released

A new release of ProjectSaver has been released:
  • Added date time value of the last execution backup (working only for registered jobs)
  • Added option to perform recursive searches.
  • Added a dialog to visually represent the progress of the task.
Download ProjectSaver

What People Are Saying

And a final subheading about our clients

  • "Man!!!!! This works!!!!! Blessed be you and your application!!! Certainly I'll recomend to everybody I know!!! Congratulations!!!"

    L. Neves (Brazil)
  • "Thanks!!! Awesome tool!!!"

    D. N. da Rocha (Brazil)
  • "I am happy. This will surely save me hours doing new installs or synchronizing my Delphi between my Desktop and my laptop"

    D. Perron (Canada)
  • "CDWX working great... I will use it on a regular basic to back up my beloved Delphi!"

    D. Gregory (USA)
  • "I think CDW should be included with the basic third-party package CodeGear/Embarcadero automatically provides on the partner disk that comes with any new Delphi product. It is far more useful than many products included there!"

    J. C. Lupander (Finland)
  • "I think your application is an indispensable tool in all developing environments and Emarcadero... should use it!"

    A. Trotta (Italy)